• Q: What Exactly is a P60?
  • A: A P60 summarises an employee's total taxable pay and deductions for the year.

  • Q: When is the deadline for providing my employee(s) with their P60's?
  • A: The deadline for P60 forms to be provided to an employee is 31 May.

  • Q: Who do I need to provide a P60 to?
  • A: As an employer, you need to provide anyone who was employed, on the last day of the tax year (05th April) a P60. If an employee left your employment before this date then you are not required to provide a P60 as they were not classed as your employee at the end of the tax year - For confirmation of earnings and deductions, these former employees should refer to the P45 you provided upon leaving your employment.

  • Q: Where do I find P60's on EnrolPay?
  • A: To access P60's on EnrolPay please follow the path below:

Reports --> Year End -> P60 (pdf) --> Change tax year to 2018/19 --> Change 'Employees' to Employees live in Month 12/Week 52' - You will then able to print or email P60's to employees depending on whatever your preference is.