If incorrect payments and/or deductions have been reported in a previous tax year the corrections will involve an RTI file called an Earlier Year Update (EYU) having to be produced and submitted to HMRC. This submission shows the difference between what was originally reported and the correct figure. 

Due to the complexities of EYU's this process is locked down on EnrolPay so that only our trained payroll specialists can access this area. Enrolpay can manage the whole process from start to finish for you. This includes making the initial changes to previous year's pay run(s), thoroughly checking the data and figures that will be included in any submission to be made to HMRC and finally ensuring that the EYU data is successfully submitted to HMRC, therefore correcting the error on both HMRC and EnrolPay systems. 

EnrolPay is able to deal with these errors on your behalf from start to finish, however, this would be chargeable. The actual cost would be reviewed on a case by case basis and a quote provided based on the complexities of the corrections required. (The minimum charge for a 'basic' correction and associated EYU submission is currently £50.00 plus vat).

To obtain a quote please for EnrolPay to carry out corrections to previous tax years and submit the associated EYU please an email containing the below information to support@enrolpay.freshdesk.com 

  • Please ensure your email header/title contains your company name (as it appears on your EnrolPay portal) and clearly state 'Quote Request for Correction/EYU submission' (I.e. MyCompany Ltd - Quote Request for Correction/EYU submission)
  • Please provide full, clear and concise detail of all errors that need correction. If errors cross various pay periods and effect various employees please bullet point each error detailing Tax year, Pay Period,  Employee Name, Details of error, details of correction required.

Once your email has been received the helpdesk system will automatically allocate you a unique support ticket number which will link together all communications in relation to that ticket.

You are able to carry out corrections manually by registering for and using HMRC Basic tools to submit your own EYU directly to HMRC. This has no charge associated but please be mindful that if amendments and corrections are not reflected in and submitted from EnrolPay this will directly impact the accuracy of your reporting for the entire previous tax year and also mean that employee and employer documents alike including P60's, P45's, Auto-enrolment Pensions calculations will only reflect the pay run beofre the corrections external to EnrolPay were made.

I have included a link to HMRC's Basic tools for you to take a look at so you can make a decision if you wanted us to undertake this for you of if you wanted to use basic tools to correct HMRC records.

HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools.

HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools - EYU's