We are pleased to announce that new validation has been designed and rolled out free of charge against all existing employer portals. These validation checks are to assist employers to ensure that employees have been entered on a suitable National Insurance (NI) Category. 

Before a pay run is closed this validation will run automatically as part the pre-closure preview reporting currently availible. An error on any employee records where a definite issue is identified. These errors need to be addressed and corrections made on the system, before it will be possible to close the pay run. 

Example of NI Category Error identified in preview reporting: 

The above preview validation check shows an employee has an error on their record. This example is where an employee is currently on the standard 'Category A' , however, as the employee date of birth in the employee details screen has the employee at 19 years of age (therefore below the age of 21) the NI category should be either category M or Z (Categories explained below) 

In this example the employer has paid over contributions for both Employer (ER) and Employee (EE), however, as both Category M and Z are exempt from ER contributions (if NI contributions triggers have been met)  an over-payment of NI to HMRC could have occurred. The system will work out any under/overpayment if a backdated adjustment is applied to a closed period.

Firstly, you need to change the NI Category in the open pay range via path:

Employees --> click on employee name in the left-hand list --> Payroll --> Pay Details --> change NI category from incorrect to the correct one (In this case from 'A' to 'M')

From time to time situations may arise where you need to make a backdated amendment to the system. Bacdated changes within the same tax year are possible on EnrolPay in the form of an 'NI Adjustment' 

Payroll --> Click on the employee in the left-hand list --> Pay Summary --> Adjust NI --> Select the Add/Plus icon.

This will open the ‘Add NI Adjustment’ page where adjustment can be applied and saved to the employees record:

As shown above, EnrolPay will recalculate the national insurance liability and show any under/over-payment to be submitted automatically as part of your next RTI submissions in the form of an amendment to the value of your year to date figures. Any under/Over payment will be shown in the 'Add NI Adjustment' window as per above.