The system has a general 3 tier navigation 

  • Main Menu
  • Sub Menu
  • Page options 

The screen below 

  1. Main Menu - navigate to your principle areas in the system 
  2. Sub Menu - Navigate within the principal area
  3. Page option
    1. Summary Edit
    2. Page Save
    3. Back button

The Add Button

        This gives the user quick access to add a new booking, staff member, or client no matter where you are in the system,

         No time-consuming navigation to add new details! 

Principle Modules

  • Dashboard
    • Displays metrics regarding the bookings for the current week
  • Bookings
    • Booking management tools
  • Timesheets
    • Lists all timesheets (Required, Unprocessed, Submitted, and Invoiced Timesheets)
    • Export to Timesheets Payroll
  • Staff
    • Manage Staff Records
    • Manage Forms to Sent to Staff
    • Bring new starters from new starter forms onto the system
  • Groups
    • Manage Staff Groups
  • Clients
    • Manage Clients records
  • Finance
    • List  and create invoices and credit notes
    • Export Invoices 
  • Reports
    • Upload Staff payslips from Enrolpay payroll to post to Staff App
    • Run System reports
  • Users
    • Manage Users Consultant Access and templates
    • Send Staff access to the Staff App 
  • Audit Log
    • Download an audit report - this function will be added shortly
  • Settings