The booking calendar holds a number of functions and information it is used as the main management tool for placing the right staff to fit the client's needs.

  1. Sub Menu for managing the booking
  2. Booking Summary - this relates to the fill booking date range, not just the date range selected on the calendar
  3. Booking Function - Manage the full booking
    • Print Icon
    • Generate timesheets
    • Add notes to the booking
    • Email all Staff booked on the booking
    • Instant Message - Functionality to be updated
    • Time Target Report 
    • Allocate and Open Offer
  4. Date Range Navigation
    • Move the dates displayed by a day, week, or month
    • Use the Arrow to move the dates displayed below
  5. Change the first date displayed on the booking calendar
  6. Switch between the compressed calendar view and the expanded calendar view
  7. Add or Edit the booking requirements 
  8. Manage the job positions and allocated staff listed for the date
    • Timesheets
    • Notes
    • Email 
    • SMS (A SMS provide account must be set up for this - Please contact Support)
    • IM - currently unavailable 
    • Allocate open offer
  9. Edit a PO number for the date - this must be set up in the client account record > Finance Details
  10. Details of the Position being filled with the general cost and charge for filled positions 
  11. Displays alerts regarding the staff members record
    • AWR Count
    • Student Visa hours worked 
    • Document Expiry
    • Right to Works Expiry
  12. Manage the single job position and allocate staff for all dates
    1. Timesheet
    2. Notes
    3. Email 
    4. SMS 
    5. Instant Message - This functionality is not yet available 
    6. Allocate and send open offers 
  13. Navigate to the allocated staff members profile
  14. Allocate the single positions - Displays the name of the allocated staff member 
  15. Manage a single position on the date
    1. Create Timesheets - this icon indicates that timesheets are needed or have been created
    2. add notes to the position
    3. Email allocated staff member
    4. SMS the allocated staff member
    5. Select to edit the time and pay rate for the position