The auto-enrolment minimum was initially 2% of which at least 1% must be paid by the employer. Over time this increases to a total of 8% of which at least 3% must be paid by the employer.


DateEmployer minimum contributionTotal minimum contribution
Before April 5 20181%2% (including 1% staff contribution)
April 6 2018 – April 5 20192%5% (including 3% staff contribution)
April 6 2019 onwards3%8% (including 5% staff contribution)

These contributions for 2018/19 are set on earnings over £116 per week (£503.00 per month) up to an upper limit of £892.00 per week (£3,863.00 per month).  You have the flexibility to pay contributions at a rate that suits your business objectives, subject to these being at least equal to the minimum requirements above.

*The information on this page is a summary guide and is not intended as a comprehensive representation of the law.