Once you have successfully set up your new NEST Pension to be used for Auto-Enrolment (AE) (or linked EnrolPay to your existing NEST account) you are able to start transferring your pension information directly between systems . There is no need to key data manually across multiple systems as EnrolPay will complete these tasks as part of the AE functionality.

Once you have closed a pay run, where an employee has been assessed, identified and enrolled into the AE pension scheme within your EnrolPay payroll portal and after you have submitted your Real Time Information (RTI) file(s) to HMRC simply click 'Auto-Enrolment' located on the 'Submissions 'tab.

You should see your most recently closed pay run at the top of the list  Click on the View icon () located against the most recently closed period .

You can now see your pension record for this period and have the option to submit the data for the period directly to NEST. (If the period has 'New Joiner' information this needs to be submitted first, before you attempt to upload the contributions file data. New joiner information can only submitted on your actual employee pay date and not before, due to restrictions on the NEST portal). 

Click 'Submit'.

If you have New Joiners  identified within the submit page (or, indeed, Leavers, or members choosing to Opt-Out of their pension in this period) click on the green 'New Joiner' box, and click Submit.

This will transfer the New Joiner information to NEST. The process can take anywhere up to 30 mins. -You can check the process any time by navigating back to the 'Submit' page and viewing the 'History' at the bottom of the form which details the current status of any ongoing submission, and the date/time of previously completed submissions.

Once your New Joiner file has been submitted successfully (if applicable) and only when this is showing as completed, Successfull  click on the green Contributions box and submit the file to NEST.

Again, this can take up to 30 minutes before you will see the contributions in your NEST portal.

Remember, after submitting your files, you still need to log into your NEST portal to 'Make Payment' by the specified date you previously agreed when settingt up your NEST pension scheme.