Why is Small Payroll FREE?

We've been developing payroll software for years, for the big boys -the guys with 1,000's of employees. We're quite good at it, actually. But there are hardly any solutions out there that afford the same usability without paying through the nose for it. So, we've taken our full payroll software, stripped out all the stuff that doesn't really apply, and brought to the market a solution that allows you to pay your employees, using an array of different payment types, to make your RTI submissions to HMRC, and to provide your employees with payslips. For FREE. Sound good?



What about Auto Enrolment?

Auto Enrolment is one of our core business streams and our entire payroll solution has been developed using our auto-enrolment platform as a starting point, so that AE functionality is integrated throughout our software. Our document manager handles the communications with your employees, assesses your workforce, it can take care of postponement calculations and tri-annual assessment, and our 'MyAccess' module enables employees to submit pension notices electronically. We can automatically compile pension contributions files for ~52 pension providers, and depending on who your pension is with we can even submit these electronically.

Is Auto Enrolment free too?

No, the auto-enrolment functionality comes at a price...

I bet that costs a fortune!?

...not really. It's only £4 a month if you have 9 or less employees. .

Per employee?

Nope, per portal! Doesn't matter if you've only got 1 employee, or if you have 9.

There must be some other costs involved?

No maintenance costs, no licence fee, no hidden daggers. Maybe a Christmas card and some chocolates if you like  :)