When you switch from using HMRC Basic Tools you will need to select "Existing Employee" in the "Employee Starting Basis" field when you "Add a New Employee."

The screen which appears requires a lot of Year to Date information, most of which you will be able to get from the Employee year to date summary in HMRC Basic Tools.

However you also need to get the NI banding figures to complete the final fields in the Switch Screen.  Follow this path to print off the report from HMRC Basic Tools:

  • Click on Employee’s name in Current employee listing
  • Click on Employee Payments
  • Click on Employee pay and deductions record

Total each column and enter in the appropriate fields in Enrolpay.

If you are unsure, please contact us as these are important details which must be correct!

(HMRC Basic Tools path correct as at 14/12/2016)