If you have forgotten your password, don't worry, the process to recover it is easy and very straightforward. 

On the login page simply click o the blue link 'Forgotten your Password?' You will then be taken through the process to either recover or reset your password.

If you have exceeded the maximum attempts to log in with incorrect details you will see a message that your acount has been locked. 

If you are an employee, trying to access your own pay information you will need to contact your employer to unlock/reset your access.

If you are a System Sdministrator you will need to contact your company Enrolpay super user - If you are the main/super user responsible for managing your Enrolpay account you will need to contact the Enrolpay offices directly via either the live-chat functionality on our website or by emailing us at support@enrolpay.freshdesk.com. Please ensure when contacting EnrolPay you provide your name, company name and your registered email address.