First of all you need to know whether you are logging in as an Employee or an Employer.

  • If you are an Employee you should contact your Employer or the HR/Payroll department in your organisation.  They will either be able to reset/unlock your access or they will contact Enrolpay on your behalf.  Enrolpay are unable to deal direct with Employees.  Please note that the "Login" button on is ONLY FOR EMPLOYERS NOT EMPLOYEE ACCESS.

  • If you are an Employer you will login in either of the two ways shown below:

1) Click the "Login" button on  Then enter your Organisation Name in exactly the same format as you did when you created the portal ie with Capital Letters and spaces where appropriate and the email address you used when you registered with us.  If you have forgotten your password, don't worry, the process to recover it is easy and very straightforward.  Simply click the blue link 'Forgotten your Password?' You will then be taken through the process to either recover or reset your password.

2) Use the link your were sent when you registered with Enrolpay.  Your email address will be auto-generated in the email field and you will have the opportunity to click the blue "Forgotten your Password?" link which will send you a password reset email.

Please check your spam/clutter folders if you have not received your reset password email in your Inbox.

If you are an employer and need to contact us to either reset your organisation login details or those of your employee(s) please email providing your name, company name, your registered email address and the name of employee(s) if applicable.