What is MyAccess?

MyAccess is our employee dashboard - an area where your employees can log in and view their personal information, payslips, pension documents. 

Holiday Management functionality is not currently availible on the Free 'Small Payroll' self-service softward it is however included on the upgraded 'Payroll' The holiday schemes can be tailored to match your employee holiday schemes for both standard and Casual workers. Employees can not only view holiday balances but are also able to request holidays via an online request and authorisation tool. 

Why is MyAccess so important?

If you are adding the auto-enrolment module to your payroll MyAccess is a truly intuitive piece of software built to go hand in hand with your AE pension scheme. The set up knows when your employees' pension notices and documents need to received by an employee and will trigger these automatically during your pay cycles, so will always ensure you are on the right side of pension legislation. All you need to activate this for an employee is a valid email address, it literally takes a couple really easy steps to give you the peace of mind you are doing everything correctly, at the correct time.

How do I give my employees access to view their payslips?

Once you have created your employee record, view their record in the Employees section and select User Access from the Details drop-down menu.

Make sure the correct email address is entered and select Enabled

When do the payslips appear in MyAccess?

All employees will be able to view their payslips in MyAccess and as an employer, you can choose to either allow payslips to populate in MyAccess as soon as the pay run has been completed or wait until you reach your payment date. You can still chose to either manually print payslips or even email payslips to employee email addresses via the reports section using the below steps: 

Select 'Report's --> Closed pay run reports --> select "Payslips (pdf)" --> Select the appropriate Pay Period from the drop-down list and click 'Run Report' to print payslips for all employees. Please see below in relation to adding the ability to email payslips to directly to an employee rather than print which since the introduction of GDPR we recomend over the manual prinitng of payslips.

You can also enable your portal to allow you to email payslips this can be switched on via the path below:

Select 'Employer' --> Details --> Settings --> scroll to find 'Emailing' section and change to 'Yes'. before clicking on 'Save'

Once you have enabled the emailing of payslips you will then see an additional option to 'Send employee Pay slips' when following the aforementioned steps to print payslips.

What is my Company Code?

The Company Code is used in conjunction with your employee's email address and password to log in to our MyAccess App.

Generally speaking, this is your 'company name' with-hyphens-instead-of-spaces-between-words.

For example, Alpha Plastics Inc will probably have the company code alpha-plastics-inc

Your company code is also the identifier used to log in to your portal: www.enrolpay.com/this-is-your-company-code

My employee says they can't log in to MyAccess, what do I do?

Log in to your portal and click on their record in the Employees section. Select User Access from the Details drop-down menu.

If their User Access is enabled, change the Reset Password option to Yes and Save the page.

This will re-send their User Access email and prompt them to change their password when they first log in.

Make sure they check their 'Junk' and 'Clutter' folders......